Location - Brisbane.
Servicing - Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.
Costumes - Cop, Suit and tie, Hercules.
Shows - Full monty & G string.



Location - Brisbane.
Servicing - Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 
Costumes - SWAT Officer.
Shows - Full Monty & G string.


Location - Brisbane
Servicing - Brisbane, Gold Coast.
Costumes - Military, Cop.
Shows - Full Monty & G string. 




Location - Sunshine Coast.
Servicing - Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs.
Costumes - Fireman, NYPD officer, SWAT Special Forces, Ringmaster and Military.
Shows - G-string only. 



Location - Gold Coast.
Servicing - Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and surrounding areas.
Costumes - Dancing Bear, Military Marine, Police Man, Firefighter.
Shows - G string, Full monty, Full monty strawberries & cream, Full monty + tequila body shot, 30min Premium show, Topless waitering.