What's Included?

  • Hilarious prank to kick things off:
    Our instructor Bec will arrange the bride to be blind folded and sitting on a chair before she enters the room. Bec will then enter to your typical strip music and quickly dance on the Hen making her think she has a male stripper before her blind fold is removed!
  • Learn the basics:
    Learn the technique from a pro! Bec will take you through step-by-step: "the twerk", "the ass clap", "the booty pop", "ground twerking" and more!
  • Practice and perform:
    Once you have mastered the moves, Bec will teach everyone a simple and effective routine to perform to the latest booty shaking tracks! This is a great opportunity to get the phones out and start filming!
  • Twerking games/drinking games:
    Now it's time to begin the unique twerking games! Get into teams and use your twerking skills to make your friends do shots!
    Popular favourites include: the "ping pong balls" game, "guess-the-bum" game and our trademark "twerking bulls-eye" game! 

We charge a FLAT RATE, and there is no minimum people required to have a class! We keep the pricing and booking process simple and easy like it should be!

Online Booking Form - Performance deposit
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The deposit is to ensure the booking is secure and legitimate, once deposit is received the booking will be confirmed. Upon the performers arrival the remaining total is to be paid in cash full to the performer. Please note this is a separate payment to the performance price. 
*IMPORTANT* please email tombeharvey@gmail.com or ring 0498102276 to confirm if your booking time is available. 
Upon payment you agree to the booking terms and conditions here

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