• Military G.I. Joe (commando) -
    Your very own marine male stripper ready show you his explosive dance moves and sexy army uniform.

  • The Dancing Bear/Magic Mike show -
    A hilarious life size bear, stripping down to the famous Magic Mike pony routine! *PERFORMED BY TOM ONLY*

  • Hunky Pizza Delivery (Dominoes) Man -
    Pretend you have ordered a pizza for the party, and watch the surprise unfold as the pizza delivery man turns into a male stripper! *PERFORMED BY TOM ONLY*

  • Police Man -
    He's here about the noise complaint... or is he? Your very own male stripper dressed as a sexy cop, ready to handcuff and frisk the whole crowd.

  • Fireman -
    The classic routine with real issue american fire brigade uniform. Your own male stripper Fireman will heat up the room with this HOT routine.

  • Magic Mike -
    Dressed just like the film, with all the dance moves! *PERFORMED BY TOM ONLY* See the magic mike male stripper dance moves in real life.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey -
    "Mr Grey will see you now", a very naughty and sexual strip with emphasis on blind folding, submission and whips. Not for the faint of heart. 

  • Plumber/Tradie -
    If there is a problem with your pipes, this man can fix it! This one is for all you girls who love a man who can get "down and dirty".

  • Navy officer -
    The classic white military uniform as seen in the film "officer and a gentleman". This man will show you what real 'guns' look like!
  • Cowboy -
    Ladies, save a horse, and ride a cowboy! Your male stripper will be dressed as a gun slinging, bad-boy rebel from the wild west. This one is popular for all the country girls who like to see a real rugged men!