Male Stripping Jobs:

  • For applicants seeking male stripping work:
    It is a requirement to have completed at least 80% of our training program “Male Stripper Academy”

  • Once you have completed 80% you will be sent an email with instructions on how to apply

  • Male Stripper Academy is an online video tutorial course; which will teach you everything you need to know about male stripping

  • To enrole as a student with “Male Stripper Academy” and have to potential to work with us in the future, CLICK HERE

 Topless Waitering Jobs:

To be considered for this position you must:

  • Be in reasonable shape physically (visible abs and good amount of muscle definition)

  • Have your own ABN number

  • Have reliable transport

  • Professional photo’s to display yourself to client’s online (photos that clearly show your face and physique)

  • Be well-spoken, energetic and easy to hold a conversation with.

  • Have the following: Black slacks, black polish shoes, black belt, black bow tie.

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