Behind the Scenes @ Aussie Hunks male strip show

If you ever wanted to know what male strippers get up to backstage and in their life's, this quick video gives you a little insight into that. 

RAW footage of the Aussie Hunks Vegas show Finale.

Good Coast Male Strippers own Tommy Gun on stage during the finale at Aussie Hunks In Las Vegas. Enjoy!


Our performers on fire at BadBoys Australia!

Check out our performers Thor, Tee, Irish and Mark ripping it up on the BadBoys Australia stage!! These guys are smashing it! BadBoys Australia touring around the country, remember ladies, we only represent the BEST!


Backstage at a male strip show!

LADIES LADIES! Form an orderly line as I give you all a sneak preview backstage at the world famous Aussie Hunks show in Las Vegas! Enjoy this little video, just a taste of a bigger video coming soon showing you all behind the scenes!



The Magic Mike strip show @ Aussie Hunks in Las Vegas!

Hey everyone! Check out a sneak preview of Tom Harvey performing last night at Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas! Please let me know what you think in the comments, thanks!


The top 5 male strip songs

What you will find below if the top 5 male strip songs (in no particular order) most commonly used by a male stripper. These are the songs he has plugged into his boom box whist he shakes his booty for money, as found on his ipod. Male stripper Tom Harvey (Tommy Gun) is sharing with you today his all time favourites! Here we go! Turn up the volume and lets get this party started!


This song is most commonly used to feed the audience chocolate teats or even for some wild strawberries and cream!  


The crowd favourite! Nobody can resist when they hear the music start to play! This song has been made famous by Channing Tatum in the first Magic Mike film. This is the perfect song to start the routine with and get the girls up on their feet, not to mention showing off your slow sexy dance skills.


Uptown Funk is the perfect song for a little bit of choreography and a great time to get the girls dancing and singing along! Male strippers LOVE it when the girls can get up and have a dance and let loose! don't forget ladies It's your night to have fun and what better way to get the party started than Uptown Funk.


Girls may love a bad boy, however, they also love ROMANCE! nothing melts a girls heart more than when this song play's and the male stripper gives a rose the special lady! It's all about appealing to every girls fantasy, and this romantic song with have you weak at your knees. 


This modern R&B remix of the classic is the perfect song to walk around the room to and give lap dances. I've seen girls get so into this song to the point where they seat the male stripper down on a chair and proceeded to treat him to lap dances! 

Thanks for reading guys and feel free to let me know what you think of these top 5 songs. Did I miss anything out? Did you like the music choices? Let me know!

Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.

Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.