How To Use A Penis Pump For Male Stripper - Cock Pump's and Male Stripping Info

The thought of using a penis pump for the first time can be daunting, so today i’ll give you a step by step on how to use your cock pump safely for your male stripping shows.

Keep in mind, i’m specifically writing this guide to help those who plan on using penis pumps solely for the purpose of male stripping.
This is not an essential tool for male strippers, and is completely optional, however always ask your employer what they would prefer you do because some male strips shows DO NOT like the use of penis pumps, and some (mainly in the UK) make it a requirement. So do your research!

In the video below, I will personally demonstrate to you how to use the penis pump safely for the use of male stripping.

And heres the re-cap if you can’t be bothered to watch the full video!
Penis pump instructions for male strippers 101:

  1. Have the correct equipment.

    You will need the following tools for your penis pump use and application:

    • A manual hand pump vacuum pressure penis pump.

    • Baby lotion

    • Thick diameter rubber bands (minimum 8mm)

    • Fine point tip scissors or safety hook scissors.

    Now that you have all the necessary equipment proceed to the next step!

  2. Lubricate

    It’s very important to lubricate the entire outside of the glass penis pump tube & the inside (as far as you can reach) + lubricate the rubber bands with the left over lotion on your hands. Make sure everything is super slippery, with no grip, it will make things easier.

  3. Preparation

    • Begin by crossing 1 rubber band over, then grabbing 1 strand and crossing that over again (Please watch the above video for demonstration).

    • Then slide the now tightened rubber band down the glass tube to the very bottom base.

    • Connect the penis pump pressure tube to the top of the glass tube.

  4. Pumping

    Insert your penis into the penis pump. It also helps to make sure your penis is lubricated with the baby lotion to avoid any gripping inside the glass tube.
    Begin by slowly pumping the pressure up, use a technique of 3 pumps, then wait 10-15 seconds. then repeat until your penis has considerably increased in size.

    TIP* - Hold your ball sack back to avoid it getting sucked into the tube. And also make sure the base of the penis pump is pressed firmly against the base of your penis to avoid any spaces where air can escape.
    Also, be patient, it takes time for the blood to flow into your penis.

  5. Tying off

    When your penis is full and large, simply pull the rubber bands off the end of your penis pump and they should instantly wrap tight around the base of your penis.

    They should be so tight, that blood is essentially trapped in your penis, allowing you to have a large full looking penis.
    Use the release pressure value located on your penis pump to release the air pressure and remove the cock pump device.

  6. Removing bands

    After you have finished your strip show, quickly cut off the rubber bands with your scissors. In doing this you will allow normal blood flow to return to your penis. It’s normal to see a little bruising on the tip of your penis or around the base where the rubber bands are.
    Carefully get the tip of the scissors underneath at least 1 strand of the folded rubber band and cut it (all of them isn’t necessary and can be dangerous cutting them off up against your penis), so for that reason just cut the outer band.

And now you are done!

Your an expert on using a penis pump now!

Remember, don’t use the penis pump to regularly as it’s a very stressful process for your penis, so give it time to recover!

Want to learn the art of male stripping? Click the image above to get your FREE copy of my personal guide the “10 Steps To Male Stripping Success”. Enjoy!

Want to learn the art of male stripping? Click the image above to get your FREE copy of my personal guide the “10 Steps To Male Stripping Success”. Enjoy!