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Tom Harvey
"It has been my pleasure recently to collaborate with a male stripper called "Dion" from the USA, who runs and consistently updates his blog with his male stripping experiences, you can read more of his incredible stories here: or keep reading below to see Dion most erotic story yet! It's an eye opener!"

It was Saturday, and I had three possible shows lined up. The first one canceled due to all the girls being hung over from the previous night, and the second one never finalized the booking, leaving me with just one bachelorette party for the night. 

The girl who hired me owned a beachfront house. It was a ranch style house from the 80s era with a redbrick exterior. It was not a large house, but it must have been worth a lot of money due to its location, especially having a backyard of sugar-white sand that spread out before the Gulf of Mexico.

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There were approximately a dozen girls present, and they were all the middle to upper class types. The bachelorette did not know I was coming, so the other girls wanted me to surprise her with the cop outfit. 

Basically, I would arrive and pull the traditional “noise complaint” routine. 

When I knocked and entered the house, I saw the bachelorette right away. She was a short and petite girl with dirty blonde hair and hazel colored eyes. She was wearing a tight, white, mini dress. When I berated the crowd for being loud, the bride giggled uncontrollably and would not stop. I could not tell whether she bought my routine or not.

“Ma’am, are you high on drugs or somethin’?” I asked her in a stern tone, shining my flashlight at her. 

She covered her mouth and laughed some more. 

I approached and frisked her like I was searching for contraband.  She bent over in laughter. She knew I was the stripper already. I took her to the couch and started my strip tease. Someone turned the music up louder. 

The women cheered when I took off my gun belt and rubbed it back and forth on my ass like I was drying myself off with a towel. Next, I took off my police shirt, and the cheers swelled to a roar. 

 I grabbed the bride’s hands and placed them on my abs. She felt my muscles and smiled with pleasure. Then, I directed her hands towards my ass, which she clutched firmly. Judging by her enthusiasm, I knew that this was going to a great party. 

Several girls pinned dollar bills into various areas of the bride’s dress, which I extracted out, using my tongue to caress her skin while doing so. 

As I straddled her, the bride squeezed my arms, feeling my muscles. Her breath came in laboured gasps.

I stood up and ordered her to take off my pants, a command which she obeyed with glee. She pulled my pants down and took them off over my boots one leg at a time, exposing my thong, which was pleather and had snap-on straps on each side. 

The girls in the background screamed and hollered once they saw me only in my thong and knee-high patent leather boots. 

After working on the bride, I moved on to the other girls, most of whom were just as motivated to indulge themselves with me. As I worked on the Maid of Honour, another girl sprayed whipped crème on her breasts for me to lick off. 

I performed my male stripper’s version of a “lap dance” on the girls wearing dresses by lifting up their dresses and rubbing the bulge of my thong against their panties. One girl asked me not to lift up her dress because she wasn’t wearing panties.  

We soon degraded into body shots and strawberries. First, I would place a strawberry in a girl’s mouth, telling her to hold the strawberry, but not bite down on it. Then I would take a shot of liquor from her belly button and take the strawberry from her mouth with my teeth. This action resulted in me making out with several of the girls at the party. 

Several girls commented about how horny I made them feel. 

At this point, most of them were very drunk and stumbling about. 

Someone got the bright idea to blindfold and handcuff me with one of the bride’s bondage gifts, which was probably meant for her husband to use. The blindfold had the design of a black and white tuxedo, and the handcuffs were like tuxedo cuffs attached together with a small chain. Once the girls put the handcuffs on me and blindfolded me, they pushed me against the couch and took turns spraying whipped crème on me and licking it off. 

I couldn’t see a thing, but only hear and feel. First they started with my abs and pecs. Then, they moved down to my thighs. Different girls took turns licking the sticky mess from me. One girl took time to suck on my nipples and lightly bite them. They became more adventurous with each moment.

After several different hands groped me and several different tongues ran across me, I felt whipped crème being sprayed on my crotch. A tongue pushed against my cock as a chorus of giggled followed. They added more whipped crème on my crotch. Another girl dared to take it all. I could not see what was happening, but the sensations aroused me.

“Look, he’s getting starting to get hard,” one girl noted. 

“I bet he’ll like this one then.”

I felt whipped crème being sprayed onto both sides of my crotch, followed by two tongues licking it. I moaned. 

One of the more conservative members of the group announced that things were getting out of hand and asked that everyone stop. 

I lifted the blindfold and undid the cuffs, which was only bound together with Velcro. 

I looked down at my chest and abs and they were covered with a film of melted whipped crème. It was sticky. Someone handed me a towel.

After these activities, I thought the party was close to over. However, some of the girls wanted more. 

“I want to see your cock,” the Maid of Honour said.

The bachelorette joined in. “Yeah, show us your penis.”

Some of the other girls did not share these sentiments though. A few frowned apprehensively. One girl shook her head. 

I thought it was wise to avoid exposing myself with the two factions disagreeing with each other on the issue. The last thing I wanted was for some drama to break out, so I ignored the requests for nudity. 

The bride and the Maid of Honor were persistent though. Several of their close friends even took interest.

“He can take it all off for you in the bedroom away from the others, so they won’t judge you,” the Maid of Honour suggested to the bride.

The bride’s eyes lit up at the notion. She whispered something into the Maid of Honour’s ear.

Apparently, the bride wanted look sexy for me and dress up in her new lingerie outfit, which was recently given to her as a gift, and most likely meant for her soon-to-be-husband.  It was ironic how I got to enjoy her outfit first.

While she was getting dressed, I asked for permission to take a shower to wash the sticky residue off my body. The girls did not mind, and I finished rinsing off before the bride even finished changing clothes. 

I was astonished at the sight of the bride when she came out of the bedroom. She was wearing a black, mesh halter slip, which did little to hide her small breasts. Her black thong revealed her small, round ass. 

The plan was for the bride and three of her close friends to get a private nude show from me in the bedroom, so the other girls who had a problem with the situation wouldn’t be able to see anything and complain.

The curious entourage consisted of the bride, her Maid of Honour, a black haired girl who had big breasts and worked as a nurse, and a perky brunette. 

All five of us entered the bedroom and shut the door. The other girls ushered the bachelorette onto the bed and blindfolded her with the tuxedo mask that was used on me earlier. I climbed atop of her still in my thong. I undid the straps of the thong.

The other three other girls in the background watched silently. It was surreal. I felt like I was on the set of a porn studio.  

Just as I began to take off my thong, someone began knocking on the door to the bedroom.

“Go away,” the black-hair girl said.

The knocking continued. 

“Leave us alone,” the brunette said.

The knocking became louder. I put my thong back on. 

“I think we better answer that door,” I said. 

The girls in the bedroom showed reluctance to open the door, but I knew that drama would continue to stew even the lid was still on the pot. 

I jumped off the bride and answered the door, and a wavy-haired girl entered the room and demanded that we stop our activities. 

“No,” the dark-haired nurse said. “The bride needs to have fun.”

“She gonna regret it in the morning,” the wavy-haired girl said. 

“Let her have fun and stop worrying about it.”

The dark-haired nurse and the wavy-haired girl glared at each other as though they were trying to burn holes into the other with their eyes alone.

Not wanting the tension to escalate, I cut in and said, “It’s all right. We should stop. I gotta go soon anyway. We can take some group pictures.”

The two girls stared at each other as if they were on the verge of declaring war for a little while longer before breaking away, and I walked out and made the announcement about the group pictures to everyone else. The other girls inside the room seemed disappointed with their private nude show being cut short, but they made their way outside to join the rest of the party. 

While everyone was preparing the proper place to take pictures, the wavy haired girl came up to me and said, “I’m sorry about crashing the party, but I know the bride is going to regret it in the morning. She’s gets crazy when she’s drunk and always regrets it.” 

I put my hand on her shoulder and shook my head. “Don’t apologize for looking out for your friend.”

“Well, everyone probably thinks I’m a bitch for ruining all the fun.”

I shook my head again. “Some people just have different views on how the bride should have fun. That’s all. There’s no need to get upset because someone disagrees with you. You did what you felt was right.” 

She hugged me. “Thank you for being understanding.” 

The girls had trouble getting the camera prepared. I had to help them set up the camera’s position and the timer. The bride posed next to me in the center of the picture and everyone else huddled around. We took a few pictures and called it a night. 

“Everyone give Dion a hand,” one girl said.

The girls cheered and clapped. Then they started chanting, “Dion! Dion! Dion!” 

I thanked all of them.

The party was officially over. Most of the girls shuffled out of the room, some going outside the front door to smoke. Only the bride and the Maid of Honour remained. 

“I still didn’t get to see your cock,” the Maid of Honour said with a pouty face. 

“Yeah, you should give a quick private show,” the bride said, looking around.

I felt torn. I really did not want to offend the other girls at the party, but wanted to give these three girls their satisfaction at the same time. There was also the prospect of satiating my own personal thrills.

 “No one is around,” the bride said. “We can go to the back patio.”

She was right. There was no one on the back patio. Everyone was either outside at the front, or in another room. 

The Maid of Honor grabbed my hand and pulled me through the glass sliding door that connected to the back patio. I followed her. 

The back patio had a leather couch where the Maid of Honor and the bride sat down and stared at me expectantly. We were completely out of sight from the living room, but all someone had to do was walk through the glass sliding door to see us.

“Hurry,” the Maid of Honor said. “There’s no one around.”

“Let me check,” I said.

The Maid of Honor accompanied me over to the sliding glass door. We looked through and had a clear view of the living room and kitchen. A blonde girl was cleaning up the kitchen. She saw us and gave a smile and a wink. 

“She’s all for it,” the Maid of Honor said. “Let’s go.”

We returned to the couch. The Maid of Honor and the bride sat in front of me as I stood before them. Just as I was about to take my thong off, someone entered the back patio. We all jumped in surprise. 

It was the nurse. 

“Keep going,” she said. “I want to see too.” 

She took her place next to me and got on her knees, resting her hands on my thighs as I slowly unsnapped my thong and pulled it away to reveal my cock. The bride gasped. All three pairs of eyes focused on my cock. 

The nurse grabbed my cock and began stroking it. I exhaled in pleasure. 

“I think he likes it,” the Maid of Honour said quietly. 

The bride covered her mouth and stared, her eyes filled with guilty pleasure. 

The nurse stopped for a moment. 

“Don’t stop,” I breathed.

“See, he likes it. It’s growing.”

“I bet you love your job,” the bride said. 

At this particular moment, I loved my job very much. 

The nurse resumed stroking my cock, and the Maid of Honor reached out her hand to join. The touch of both girls further aroused me. 

“Wow,” the Maid of Honour said, watching my cock grow. 

“Oh my God…” the bride gasped. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

I couldn’t believe it either. 

The girls murmured in low tones about my cock and my body like I was some sort of specimen that they were studying and admiring. The combined touch of the Maid of Honor and the nurse felt soft and gentle. We all gave an occasional glance at the sliding door as though expecting someone else to burst through any moment. 

“You should suck his dick,” the Maid of Honour said to the nurse. 

“Really?” the nurse said.

“Yeah, suck his dick!” the bride added. 

“Why do you want me to suck his dick for?” the nurse asked, still stroking my cock. 

“Be-because… I’m horny,” the Maid of Honour said.

“Is there someone in the next room?” the nurse asked in concern. 

No one wanted to get up and check. I pulled myself away from the girls and crept over to the sliding doors with my hard-on at full salute and peered into the adjacent rooms. They were empty. 

“It’s clear,” I said, walking back over to the trio of girls.

The nurse was on her knees facing me and the Maid of Honor and the bride were still seated on the couch. 

“Okay,” the Maid of Honor whispered. “Suck his dick now.” 

I approached the nurse and stopped with my cock in front of her face.  She took it with one hand and lifted it into her mouth and started sucking, bobbing back and forth. 

It felt amazing. 

She could take a good portion of my cock into her mouth, more than the average girl. The Maid of Honor caressed me from the side, feeling my hips and ass with one hand. I looked down and saw her touching herself with her other hand. The bride leaned forward and stared at the scene before her with enlarged eyes.

The nurse was so good at what she was doing that it wouldn’t take me long to cum. She lifted my cock up to lick around the shaft, and she licked underneath and around my balls as she jacked me off. 

If there were a video camera present, then this scene would have made a satisfactory CFNM (clothed-female, nude-male) fetish video for a porn site. 

“Make him cum,” the Maid of Honor said. “I want to see it.” 

“You wanna see it?” I asked her.


If the nurse continued for another minute or two, then I would have been ready, but for some reason, the Maiden of Honor suddenly decided that now was the perfect time for moral reflection.

“You shouldn’t be sucking his cock,” she said to the nurse. “You’re married… and I have a boyfriend.”

The nurse stopped and looked at the Maid of Honor. “Why are you bringing this up now?”

“I don’t know,” she said. 

A flicker of guilt sparked on the nurse’s face for an instant, but it disappeared just as quickly. She took my cock into her mouth and resumed the blowjob. The other two girls did not object to her action. 

It did not last long though. 

The sound of the front door opening followed by a chorus of voices jolted us from our privacy. The Maid of Honor and the bride jumped up from the couch, and the nurse backed away from my cock and stood up as though nothing had occurred. I fastened my thong quickly. Luckily, the fear of getting caught caused my hard-on to dissipate, so the other girls would not suspect any foul play immediately. 

Fortunately, no one else entered the back patio and I gathered my clothes. I was not going to push my luck by getting caught in the act. I did not want to be involved in the imminent drama, especially with the nurse being married and the Maid of Honor having a boyfriend. Not to mention, the bride played a role as well. 

The three girls hugged me as I prepared to leave and thanked me for showing them my cock. 

“I had a lotta fun!” the bride beamed. 

I did too. 

On my way out, I passed the other girls on the front porch. They were all smiles as they hugged me and thanked me for a good time. Fortunately, they did not suspect a thing. 

They would probably hear about it later ...


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