The TRUTH About Bachelorettes In Vegas!

My real life experiences as a male stripper in Las Vegas. 

“Is it true?” They ask, “Do bachelorettes really have sex with male strippers?”.
Sometimes I don’t know what to say. Should I tell them about all the naughty things that happen after a show? Then I remember that I’m male stripper, and disclosing this information could affect my image and this industry.
However I think it’s time to let you all know what really happens in Las Vegas. I’m not worried about how it looks because at the end of the day, it was their choice, and we don’t have the right to judge anyone.

I am a male stripper of 8 years now, I started this journey when I was 19 years old in England, and since then it has taken me all over the world. I have performed on stage in front of thousands of women and more recently my job has taken me to Las Vegas, stripping on stage 6 nights a week.

I have seen and done things I am not proud of, however thats all behind me now. Luckily for me I’m happily engaged, and I think it’s time I shared with you all some of the more recent events I have witness in the “Sin City” - Las Vegas.

The Body Shots

At the end of the male revue, our MC would announce that all the boys will be heading down stairs to a bar, to mingle and take photos with the audience.
The girls loved it because they could get up close and personal with every single guy, in a casual environment. It was crazy, there’s usually around 50 women waiting to get a photo and have a chat with you. For all the single guys in the show, it was like a dream. They had women falling at their feet nearly every night!

Things did get pretty wild at that bar, I saw bride-to-be’s give some of the guys lap dances in the bar.
They would usually say “since you were so nice to me in the show, I think i should return the favour. Have a seat”. At that point she would pull up a chair, sit the male stripper down, and start to grind on his crouch in a slow sexual motion, whilst rubbing her breast’s in his face from side to side.

Indeed, the girls loved to show their affection in many different ways, but It was the body shots that really got the party started. When one of the guys had a favourite girl picked out for the night, they asked “can I do a body shot off you?”. The answer was nearly always yes. After all, these girls specifically came down to the bar after the show for a reason, right?

Heres how it worked: The girls would lie down on the bar and pull their top down, revealing their breast’s. The bar man would then apply whipped cream on each nipple and the lips. After that a liquor was poured on the middle of the chest.

Once that first drop hit the chest it was the male strippers job to suck up all the alcohol, then eat all the whipped cream from her body

body shots with a male stripper
Male stripper body shots off women audience members.

It really got the girls excited, they loved how wild and naughty it was. I think this really sums up that saying - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
The body shots also served another purpose, It gave the guys a good indication of who was most likely to have promiscuous sex that night. And sure enough, most of the time the girls went home with the boys after a few hours in the bar.

The Girl On The Pole

Stripper poles are irresistible to many drunk girls, they see it and immediately the inner “bad girl” tells them to let loose on the pole, with a variety of seductive moves and spins.
They really do have a lot of fun on them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. All the guys love it, and her friends certainly cheer her on. It is Vegas after all.

The post show bar, had a variety of stripper poles set up. Many girls saw this as a perfect opportunity to show off their moves and grab our attention. I can tell you, It certainly worked.
I saw many bride-to-be’s grinding the pole, and I even saw one or two bride’s go home with the boys afterwards.

On this particular night, It wasn’t a bride on the pole, but a very outgoing blonde in a short white dress with massive breast’s.
It was quite assuming to watch, as it clearly looked like she had worked as either a stripper or a pole dancer. Her moves were sharp, co-ordinated and sexy.

Before long, she had nearly the whole bar cheering her on, whoof whistling and phones ‘snap- chatting’ the entire event. It was one of those moments when you look around and think “this is what people come to Vegas for!”

girls going crazy at a male strip show

‘The girl on the pole’ Showing off her very impressive moves

The Snap Chat Foursome

I get guys and girls asking me “you must have lots of orgy’s being part of a male strip show, yeah?” What can I say? I does happen every now and then, especially when your part of a male revue. More often then not, a particular girl will want more than one guy. And we all know where this leads eventually.

When I was in Vegas, I was with my now fiancée, but I still saw a lot of crazy things.

We were all chatting away at the bar after our show one night, there was lots of girls, the atmosphere was great and the guys were having fun flirting with everyone.
On this night there happened to be a couple of VERY outgoing girls, smashing down shots, and never further than an arms length from all the guys.
When I entered the bar I immediately recognised the girls from the audience.

These wild girls were very hands on, during the ‘crowd interaction’ part of the show. They were sitting near the back of the theatre and I remembered approaching them for a lap dance. Before I could even get close to one of the girls, she jumped up off her seat, pulled the waist of my pants forward and shoved a stack of dollar bills so far down I could swear I had paper cuts on my ball sack (I’m serious).

When all the guys got back stage, I told them about the girls. It turns out she did the same with all the other strippers, she even made out with one, and ‘jerked off’ another guy for a few seconds, in front of everybody.

Upon seeing these girls again at the bar after the show, the events that followed didn’t surprise me at all. It only took about 1 hour until both girls were leaving with 2 male strippers.
They were heading to our luxury apartment complex just behind the Las Vegas strip, this is were all the stripers lived, and it’s also where all the action went down.

My fiancée and I left for the complex not long after, we were tired and needed sleep. However upon checking my snap chat, I saw a series of videos from one of the male strippers in the show, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued by what was happening in the building next door to us.
The first snap chat was of the boys drinking shots in the apartment with the girls and playing strip poker. Seemed pretty predictable at the time. Then 10 minutes later the second snap chat came in, the girls were now half naked, the cards were all over the floor and the boys were in their underwear.

“Look at this!” I said as I showed my fiancé the phone. We laughed and wondered what was to come next.
Sure enough about 4 minutes later one girl was topless, walking around with her breasts bouncing around. The camera paned across the room quickly to the other girl holding a belt. She was using it to whip the other male stripper on the backside. He was on his hands and knees, and with a quick and defiant stroke she whipped his bare bum. He yelled out “I’m a bad boy!”, then the video finished. It was really one of the most amusing things i’ve seen on snapchat. They were all clearly drunk.

Next was a video of all four of them in the same bed. There seemed to be a very organised and precise joint effort in the sexual intercourse between all four of them. To their credit, they were actually doing quite well at sexually stimulating each other. I was more impressed than anything.

And the final video that was sent though, was of one of the girls falling off the edge of the bed and breaking what looked like the bed side lamp. As the camera got closer to her she grabbed the blanket and covered herself whilst giggling.

3 Girls In One Night

If I was to choose one more story to share, it would be the time my flat mate (another male stripper in the show) had sex with 3 girls in one night (all separately).
I’ll keep it short and sweet, and to the point.

The first girl:

This girl he pre-planned. They had been texting via ‘Tinder’ and he gave her a free ticket to see the show. I think It only took about 30mins of chatting to her at the bar, before she left with him to our apartment complex.
The most commonly used line to get girls home was the ‘hot tub line’. At some point the guys would mention the jacuzzi we had at the complex. It was very nice, I must admit.

They would say “So you girls want to come have a swim with us in the jacuzzi? It’s 5mins away”.

male stripper jacuzzi action

It was the perfect line, not to confronting, but sexually stimulating enough for the girls to say “yes”. And without going into too much detail, thats how he had sex with the first girl. In the jacuzzi, then in his bedroom.

The second girl:

After the first girl left, the night was still young. All the other strippers were still at the bar drinking and having fun. So without hesitation, he decided it was round 2!
Having many nights of practice at this, he got quite good at flirting with girls and getting them home. It was like second nature to him, something he didn’t have to try at anymore.

There was actually two girls at this point very interested in going home with him. He didn’t know if was able to have sex with them both, however he came up with a plan.
He told the first girl that he was going to get something to eat with the guys, then he would txt her when he was finished so they could meet up. Then he told the second girl the exact same thing.

However, when he left the bar to eat dinner with all us guys, he sent a txt to the first girl saying “actually, why don’t you just join us for dinner?” Sure enough she jumped on the opportunity and left to meet us.
It worked perfectly because he wasn’t seen leaving with either girl.

To keep a long story short. She was awkward at dinner, but eventually left to have sex with him at our apartment.

The third girl:

After her leaving, It was actually around 4.30/5.00am in the morning. The man of the moment still hadn’t had any sleep, and was almost certain he blew his chances with the other girl from the bar. To his great surprise she actually texted him asking “did you still want to meet up?”. I couldn’t believe it, she must have been partying all night waiting for him to txt her. Little did she know what he was doing.

After receiving this message, he seemed to get his energy back almost immediately, “I think i’ll meet up with her!” he exclaimed as he jumped up off the couch. I couldn’t believe he was still going! If it were me in his shoes, I would have gone to sleep after having sex with the first girl. I just don’t have the stamina he possesses.

My sex driven house mate met with her at an all night diner about 2mins down the road from our apartment building.
It was a convenient place for him to met up with girls. Always busy, great food, and easy for the girls to find. The amount of bridal parties that came back to this diner with us after the show was insane.

You would think they had grand plans for the bachelorette night, but in reality getting under the sheets of a male strippers bed seems to take priority. Even with the bride’s themselves.

Anyway, I must have been home for about 20 minutes after he left, before the third girl walked in with him. They awkwardly shuffled to his bedroom, and closed the door.
As me and my fiancé sat on the couch, I could hear the sounds of them having sex through the walls. She moaned loudly and annoyingly, for roughly 5-10mins, then there was silence.

When reflecting on all the girls that came to the show in Las Vegas, these are some of the stories that came to my mind.
I can’t imagine these girls acting the same way back at home.

I truly believe people become different when they finally arrive to the famous Las Vegas strip. Women and men let their inhibitions down, they forget about all their problems back home and for a fleeting moment, are truly doing whatever they want.

This is why I love Las Vegas.

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