Male Stripping Vs Female Stripping - What's the difference?

Male Stripping Vs Female Stripping - What's the difference?

I get this question all the time, and everyone seems to think that both are the same. However in reality, the comparison In male stripping vs female stripping is huge. There is a massive difference. Let me explain why.

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NEW VIDEO @ Las Vegas

Male stripper TOMMY GUN @ the Aussie Heat stage show in Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood casino. Footage taken from a mobile phone at the back of the audience. For more video's about an inside look from a male strippers life and shows please follow my page and visit

If you still wanted an idea of what my show looks like, please view this video taken of when I was performing @ "Aussie Heat" in Las Vegas last year. 

Not just hen's nights ...

If you thought all we do Is supply entertainers for hen's / birthday parties then you mistaken!

Last week I was performing at a hen's night in the Gold Coast. I finished, got changed and as I was leaving I noticed a mother who was pregnant at the party.
I commented on when she was expecting the baby and had a little chat, she told me she has 3 kids and her eldest son was obsessed with army men, and he loves to play with his toy soldiers in her back yard. I had just finished doing a show as a military officer and she remarked on how her son would of loved to see me in my full military costume.

This made me think about what else I could be doing as an entertainer. After much thought I decided to expand into the kids party entertainment business!

As of February 2017, I will be launching "Enchanted Heroes" and myself along with my partner Bec will be specialising in Superhero and Disney Princess entertainers. We are fully qualified and hold relevant blue card's.

So If you are a mother or know of anyone hosting a children's birthday party, please visit and view our costumes!

Tommy Gun
Tommy is a professional entertainer specialising In male stripping and suit character work for children's parties.