Male Stripping Vs Female Stripping - What's the difference?

I get this question all the time, and everyone seems to think that both are the same. However in reality, the comparison In male stripping vs female stripping is huge. There is a massive difference. Let me explain why.

What do men want?

Generally speaking, men at either bachelor parties or in female strip clubs want to 'check out' the girls bodies and see really dirty things (The dirtier the better). There're not there for the girls dancing skills or personalities, they are there to see some titties, let's be honest.
The female stripping industry is more closely related to porn rather than entertainment, and the entertainment you see at bucks parties (fruit n veg shows, girl on girl shows, dominatrix shows) are usually classified as porn if you watch it on the internet anyway.
So let's get one thing straight here, guys are only interested in one thing, and thats any sexual.

What do women want?

From my experience at hens nights and male revue shows, women are not overly enthusiastic about a male stripper grinding on them, sleazing and shaking their penis in their face.
Women, when viewing male strippers, just want to have fun and have a laugh with their friends. There's not much more to It. The male stripping industry Is all about entertainment (and not so much about sex). You may find this hard to believe at first, but I strongly argue that most women just want some light hearted, funny entertainment that they all can enjoy.
Yes, they do want to see some sexual dancing, but this is VERY different to what female strippers do, and to what men want when they hire a female stripper. 
In addition to this, most of female stripping work is done in the form of lap dances in private rooms. I can tell you from experience that this hardly ever happens in the male stripping industry (unless you work for a male strip club in the USA).


The difference in income $$$

Once again, generally speaking, female strippers make much more money than male strippers. This is from my experience In the industry in Australia and England, I imagine that it's a little different In the USA.
This is partly due to the fact that females are mostly in the strip clubs working, and males are either do a stage show on the weekend or just doing strip-a-grams and houses on a Saturday night. 

So let's break it down.
Female strippers spend lot's of time doing private lap dances in strip clubs, where they can make anywhere from $50 - $100 AUD, and work as long as they like in the club. Strip clubs are usually open most days of the week which allows for the girls to make some serious money, in addition to a day time job (if they choose). So In reality female strippers can be making over $2000 a week easily if they work hard.
If the girls are doing strip shows in hotels for bachelor parties, then they can still make way more than male strippers. This is because the type of shows the girls will be doing a usually X-rated and can charge up to double what a male stripper would get paid. 

On the other hand, male strippers don't have male strip clubs to work in. I only know a handful of places in the USA that have male strip clubs open most nights of the week, and even so, the competition Is very fierce in the clubs for guys and they don't make as much money as males who do strip-a-grams. Male strippers also get paid less for private lap dances and the industry is full of guys who keep lowering their rate an undercutting everybody else.
Most other male strippers in the US and everywhere else in the world do either stage shows or "strip-a-grams". Both of these options make far less money than what female strippers make. 
Male revue shows (anywhere in the world excepting Vegas) usually only run on the weekends (at best a Friday and Saturday). This type of stripping makes for a good side job on the weekends, and thats about It. It also means you're only getting paid about $200 AUD for the show and you're spending your whole night there.
Alternatively males can work on the weekends and perform at hen's parties doing strip-a-grams. This option will allow any male stripper to make more money, however they get paid far less for a booking as compared to female strippers. Once again this is because of the X-rated nature of the female strippers show. They do things that men can't simply do (not that women would want to see that sort of stuff anyway). 


The difference in the industry

I will admit whilst performing as a male stripper, I have helped other guys get their foot In the door of this industry and become performers. However I will never advocate for my partner to start stripping, If she wants to, then thats her choice and I won't stop her, but I wouldn't suggest It. I know this may sound hypocritical, but I strongly believe the industry's are very different.

The female strip club environment can be perfectly fine (In Australia it's quite good in some parts), however It can also be a very unhealthy and damaging environment to be exposed to. I have personally seen some horrible conditions and drug epidemic problems in many Las Vegas and London based strip clubs, and to be honest, there are bad strip club owners everywhere In every city. 
This Is not the sort of environment you want to be exposed to whilst working. It's all to common to see females getting addicted to drugs, crime and gambling (especially In Vegas). Another little unknown fact, is a LARGE MAJORITY of female strippers doing private shows for bachelor parties in ANY city, use their job as a front to deal party drugs to the men attending the party.
In my opinion the female stripping industry really does take quite a dark turn when compared to the male stripping industry.
I have never heard of seen of a male stripper dealing drugs after his shows (and if they do It's very uncommon). Most male strippers I know of are actually health obsessed and most have day time jobs in construction/offices/etc.
Worst case scenario I can think of Is lot's of male strippers use and abuse steroids, however when comparing this to meth, cocaine, MDMA and ecstasy abuse by females, there really is no comparison in my option. 

So there you go guys, I hope to learned some new things about these industry's and can understand the difference between both forms of stripping a little better.


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Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.

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