Hens party ideas on the Gold Coast - How to plan a hen's party

Are you feeling the pressure of the impending 'big night' for your bride-to-be?  Never fear! We have your answers here!
Lucky for you, Hen's parties is something I have lot's of experience with, and I will guide you through some fantastic options for people with or without a budget!

First of all think about the bride-to-be, what does she like? Try and plan the night around things she would like to do rather than what everyone else would like. It's her special night so everyone should be participating in things she likes.

Step 1: Book your accommodation

If you are looking to party hard at night, I would suggest booking a hotel in either Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach, as these location provide all the nightlife entertainment in the Gold Coast.
If you are looking for a more relaxed hen's weekend, with time to kick your feet up and catch up with friends over a few drinks, try locations such as: Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta, or even Byron Bay. 
If you plan on partying hard the best hotels to book at would be: Mantra Circle on Cavill, Chevron Renaissance, 'Soul' Surfers Paradise, Hilton Surfers Paradise, Peppers Broadbeach, Meriton Broadbeach, Mantra Broadbeach.
Those above hotel provide a fantastic walking distance location to all the central nightlife area's in Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise.
DO NOT: Book at Q1 hotel and spa, as they have strict noise and party policy rules, and when I say "strict" I mean REALLY STRICT. So if you plan on getting wild, this would not be the place. 

Travelling in a large group? Try hitting up websites such as: Air BnB or Stayz. Using these booking websites you can hire out an entire house for the weekend! This Is a very popular option I see in my line of work every weekend. The most popular locations to rent a house for the weekend In the Gold Coast would be: Chevron Island, Isle of Capri, Mermaid Beach, Nobby Beach, Broadbeach waters.
From these location it's literally a $5 - $10 Uber ride into either Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach. 


Step 2: Do you have a theme?

Themes are not for everybody, but if it's something the bride-to-be is into, then it's a great idea! It's good fun to dress up and let your hair down, dance the night away and act silly!

Some popular Hen's party themes include:

  • "The time warp" - Dress up in your favourite time era (e.g 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's).
  • Black and white theme - The bride gets dressed up in all white, and everybody else wear's all black.
  • The "letter" theme - Pick a letter, any letter (e.g 'T') and everyone has to pick an outfit beginning with that chosen letter!
  • The Penis Brigade - This would have to be a very popular one among Hen's nights. Have you ever seen a group of hens walking around with every kind of penis accessory hanging off them? Yep, they are the penis brigade.
  • Fireman theme - For those who really love firemen obviously.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey theme - Get that naughty lingerie out, and expect to see masks, whips, chain, duct tape, blind folds, high heels, you get the picture! Get creative!
  • Angels & Demons - Dress up in either an innocent angel, or a naughty demon! 
  • Cowboy theme - It;s time get dust off those flannelettes, chuck on some cowgirl boots, denim shorts and a big 'ol hat!
  • Cheerleader theme -  Take out the pom pom's, short skirts and themed matching tops!

Step 3: Plan your day

Now It's time to fill out your day with amazing, fun hens party activities. 
If you are here during the hot summer months, take advantage of the weather and go to the beach or pool. If you want to spice it up a bit, plan a brunch or a picnic at the beach/pool with finger food and some drinks. 

Or for a more sophisticated experience, book a luxury boat cruise through the Gold Coast canals with "sailing in paradise". The boat cruise is designed for hens party's and includes finger food and amazing sights of Gold Coast from the bay. 

A day spa is always a popular option, and can be more suited for a bride who is more into a relaxing weekend, as opposed to a wild one. If you don't mind travelling, head to On Eagle Wings, it's a fantastic resort that offer unbeatable packages on price. However If you want a more central spa to Surfers Paradise then 'Endota Spa' is within a short walk (located in the heart of Surfers Paradise). 
'Ripple Massage' offer's massage and spa treatments directly to you, this means you don't even have to leave your hotel room as these professionals set up everything for you!
For other day time activities look no further than the 'Vino Bus', an all inclusive tour of the best vineyards Gold Coast has to offer! 


Step 4: Plan your night

So you've got an amazing schedule of entertainment during the day planned, It's now time to think about what everyones going to do when the sun sets.

Not really into partying? Don't worry I've got you covered with some great idea's.
Book a table a 'Dracula's Cabaret' in Broadbeach, It's a 5 star rated show with exceptional dinner included, and includes a trio of dancing, signing and comedy! You can't go wrong with this one.
A little further out of Surfers Paradis there is 'Matt Hollywood's Magic Show' which is sure to impress everybody (who doesn't love magic?).
If those two don't take your fancy then there's nothing wrong with booking a table at a fancy restaurant to finish the evening. 

If you want to get the drinks started at the night, then book a private function room at the 'sands hotel' in Coolangatta, or get set for a big night by booking a booth at 'East Nightclub' in Broadbeach later in the evening!
If you plan on drinking in your hotel room, make sure you have enough alcohol & mixers! I can't tell you how many times I have seen girls running down the street to get more drinks (save yourself the trouble and prepare).
Adding a topless waiter to you pre-clubbing drinks can REALLY spice up the atmosphere, and get everyone in the mood to party.
When having drinks at your hotel, you should also take the time to plan some fun hens party games, It really keeps the atmosphere going and everyone entertained, as opposed to everyone just sitting around drinking. If you have a topless waiter present, then this Is a great opportunity to get him involved and interacting with all the guests, and I'm sure all the girls will love it!

Before you head out for the night, you may also want to consider a male stripper ONLY if it's something that won't obviously annoy the bride-to-be (It's her night after all). But If she's into it, then GO FOR IT!
For all your male entertainment needs check out our package info here or the guys we have here.
A male stripper performance can really get the party started and get everyone in the mood.

Step 5: Getting around

So now that you have It all booked in and organised, don't forget about how you're going to get around to all the things you have planned. 
Whilst a simple taxi or Uber could suffice to do the job, you can make it more creative with some unique forms of transport for your whole party.

'Fire4hire' is a real life fire-fighting truck you can ride in with your crew, it's decked out to be comfortable and you can play your own music.
Take the party to the next level and get around the city in your own party bus with the guys at 'Party Rock', you could even hire a male stripper to perform inside to really kick off the night.

Now you should be ready to take on the big night!

Good luck!

~~~ about the author ~~~
Tom (Tommy Gun) Harvey.
Owner of www.goldcoastmalestripper.com
Experienced performer and business owner.

For more info on Tommy please click here or visit his YouTube Channel for videos of him perofrming @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJ81iZ7Sxdrnmyz03Tk3zw