What makes a good male stripper?

In my time in this Industry, I have seen my fair share of horrible male strippers. I've lost track of how many women have told me after a show about their nightmare experiences with other performers. 
I have to admit, this topic annoy's me quite a lot! A bachelorette party is a special occasion and it doesn't take much for a crap excuse of a stripper to ruin the party.
I've had enough of seeing "pumped up meat-heads" getting a cop costume together and calling themselves male strippers, for a bit of extra easy cash.
If this is you, or you are looking to take your performing to the next level, keep reading!
Alternatively if you need to know what you should be doing to get started in this industry check out - "how to become a male stripper".


Yes, looks are very important, but there's no point in looking like a Greek god, and acting like a stuck up, self loving douchebag. Even men will admit they are turned off by female strippers, when they act like their "shit don't stink".
You may not be the biggest guy, the tallest, the most handsome, or even the best dancer, but the girls will always LOVE a male stripper with a great personality!
This means being down to earth, friendly, cheeky, funny and most importantly, you can smile!
It's a common phrase to hear "a smile makes you look more attractive". Its shows that you are not arrogant and that you don't take yourself to seriously. Nobody likes a stripper who thinks they are god's gift on earth. Just be normal and fun!


Ask about the person you are dancing for

This one is for all you guys doing "strip-a-gram's" at hotels/houses.
It doesn't take much to call the person who made the booking and ask them to meet you outside the house/hotel room before you start the show.
Ask about the Bride/birthday girl, and plan your show accordingly. I do this every time before I strip because it allows me to give the best possible experience for everyone.

It's very common on Bachelorette night's that the bride-to-be will get her hair and make-up done, this can sometimes take hours for them to look the way they do. It only takes a few seconds from an overzealous stripper to flip her around like a rag doll and completely ruin all that effort.
So take a second and ask some crucial questions like: has she got her hair and makeup done? Is she pregnant? Does she have any injuries? Is she extremely shy?
Trust me guys, you will be thankful you asked these questions. Imagine if you didn't ask, then you started flipping around (like a lot of guys do) the pregnant bride-to-be? Or she recently broke her leg? Or what if she is very conservative and didn't want to much attention on her? Your lack of knowledge of these things can completely ruin the experience for her.

Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.

Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.

Take your time

This rule can be applied to both stage shows and strip-g-gram's.

There's a fine line between rushing to take your clothes off and not taking them off soon enough. If you rush, you risk the whole "tease" element being non-existent, and the whole experience can be overwhelming and to quick for the girls. 
If you take to long to rip your clothes off, then the girls can start getting impatient and bored. 
95% of the time the mistake is on taking your clothes off to quickly, so let me interject by saying, take your time!

Slowly take off each piece of clothing (excepting the pants of course!). Girls like to be teased and taking your time with your clothes shows that you are in control and in no hurry. taking off your costume quickly will subconsciously suggest that you are "premature" to the girls (insert your own innuendo here). So show off some sexy dance moves, body grinding or even a funny gag of some sort, like tying her up with your belt or blindfolding her.


Use the right music

I have always believed the you should actually enjoy the music you perform to, otherwise your performance will lack enthusiasm and passion. HOWEVER, you have to be mindful of what the crowd likes and want to hear.

This means if you love hardcore gangster rap music about "the hood" and "dealing drugs", this may to be the best choice for a strip routine. So you have to walk that fine line between picking music you like, and music that the girls will love also.
Generally speaking, sexy songs is the way to go! But try and include variety, maybe an up beat popular rock song, some R&B and even a little bit of a slow romantic song. Another useful tip is to use songs that girls can sing along to and/or dance with. They love that! Think of the popular charts at the moment and keep updating your playlist.

No baby oil!

Alright, contrary to popular belief, I believe baby oil is a big NO.
This isn't just my opinion, its also the opinion of countless number of women I have performed for. In fact, I've even had numerous women come up to me after a show and thank me for not using baby oil.

Why? Let's break this down.
It's really, really messy and hard to get off. Girls don't want this all over their hands and they certainly don't want it all over their dress. For those of you who don't know, baby oil is really hard to get out of clothing, and can stain really easily.
Also, If you happen to get any on the floor, good luck with the rest of your dancing! On top of that the girl/s may even slip on it, causing an injury, which is really going to make the night isn't it?
If you feel like you must lather up your body before going out to strip, you can use alternatives like; coconut oil, body moisturiser or shea butter based body cream.

I used to use a bottle of baby oil during my strip show, however It was purely just for effect. I filled the baby oil bottle with water, and as I applied it to my torso I would quietly tell the bride-to-be that it was just water. Every single time I would see a sigh of relief go ever their face, seriously. 

No penis in the face

This one's pretty straight forward. But let me tell you the facts. 90% of male stripper do this repetitively, and 90% of women HATE it. 

This isn't dancingbear.com, and you're not in a porn video shoot. You are a professional entertainer and you have been hired to perform at a normal women's bachelorette party. Most of these girls have partners and most do NOT want to see you penis inches from their face.
So take a step back, breathe, and try some slow sexy dance moves, play some hens party games or just be an entertainer. If you can't do that, then you should have just gotten straight into porn, because contrary to what everyone thinks, male stripping isn't part of that industry, and if thats what the girls wanted, then they should have hired an escort. 

Watch your costume!

I leave you now with probably one of the most important tips from my years in this industry, watch you costume, props and absolutely everything you bring to a booking.

I have lost/had stolen 14 pairs of sunglasses, 2 belts, 10 torches, 2 police caps, countless singlets and towels, 1 pair of rip-off pants, 2 pair of black boots, 6 blind folds,  5 G-strings, 1 police vest and 2 pairs of tactical gloves from bookings in girls homes/hotel rooms.

These girls are crazy! they will stop at nothing to grab a memento of the night, and they will literally take even the most insignificant things like a pair of $2 aviators! Seriously! And it's annoying because by the time you realise and your at the next booking, you're missing pieces of your costume. 
So always double check your bag for everything before you leave.


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