How To Become A Male Stripper

Everything you need to know about male stripping!
As a successful and experienced performer, take my advice if you want to succeed as a male stripper.
If this is something you want to pursue, or you are just simply interested in what exactly us strippers do, then KEEP READING!

Is this for you?

Ok first of all, we have to find out if you are built for this kind of work. Are you afraid of public speaking? Performing on stage? Talking to girls in nightclubs? Subconscious of your body? If the answer is YES, then this isn't the industry for you, sorry pal.
It takes a lot of courage to dance and take your clothes off in front of complete strangers, and, make it look good!
So make sure your feel comfortable in your own skin both physically and mentally, I can't stress this point enough!

Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.

Learn how to become a male stripper from the best in the business. Click above to enrol in our online course.

Whats your body like? 

This one is a bit tricky, it's actually quite a grey area, however generally speaking if you want to become a male stripper then you need to be muscular and ripped! 
Having said that, many women prefer different body types, so there is always hope if you find it hard to pack on large muscles.
There used to be a time when every stripper absolutely HAD to be massive and ripped, however since the new generation of strippers have taken over it's quite dramatically changed. This is in part due to the incorporation of hip hop dance moves in male strip routines (thank you Channing Tatum), which was unheard of 20 years ago. Today in male revues we see a much more diverse range in body composition. 

So let me explain, some girls like "thinner ripped" guys and others prefer and more chunky "bodybuilder" physique. Some girls like a hairy chest, some girls like it shaven. Some girls like tattooed guys, some like NO tattoos.
What I'm trying to get at here is it's entirely personal preference.

So as a general rule I would say every single guy needs to have abs and a good amount of muscle mass on their body. If you do not you are simply limiting the amount of work you can get.

"Tommy Gun" performing in Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Casino, for the "Aussie Heat". See his Instagram: @tommy_gun_malestripper

Can you DANCE?

This is a FACT, nearly every stripper I know (I'm talking about 95%) CAN NOT DANCE.
Why? Probably because most strippers don't take what they do very seriously. Most are gym junkies on steroids and looking for some easy cash.

Being a great performer means you need to know how to dance.
If you can't dance and your moves look awkward and uncomfortable, 90% of your lap dances are going to be an awful experience for the women (trust me, I've seen and heard this many times) and it's not pretty.
Good dancing looks SEXY! It shows you have talent and more importantly it shows you can move your body which is an instant turn on for women. They see your sexy dancing and subconsciously are thinking about how good you can be in bed, this is one of the many phycological reason's why people find dancing attractive to watch.

I would personally recommend learn modern styles of dancing such as "hip hop" or "breakdancing" because they are more popular with today's women.

So you want my advice? Take some dance lessons, and learn how to move your body with the rhythm.

The Magic Mike routine performed by "Tommy Gun" in the Gold Coast.

What type of stripper are you?

There are 3 types of strippers in this industry, these are:
Stage strippers.
Strip-a-gram Strippers.
Male strip club work.

Stage strippers perform only on the stage in male revue shows or in male strip clubs. These performers have a strict routine (usually created for them) with choreography and back up dancers. They perform for large crowds and are essentially part of a production aimed towards women. Not only do they perform their own routine, but they also contribute throughout the whole show in group routines and as backup dancer for the other strippers. These shows usually last around 2.5 hours.
Pay for these types of shows can be anywhere from $150 - $300 AUD per show (depending on your experience). It is critical to have an easy going attitude if you're looking to do this, as working and getting along with the other strippers is essential to produce a good show. Team work is everything and if you have a clashing personality chances are you aren't going to be there long.
Stage performers (in Australia) will only every strip down to underwear or a G string. Nudity is strictly prohibited in Australia by law unless the venue has an adult entertainment licence (which most venues never have). 

"Strip-a-gram" strippers refer's to the type of performer that visit's houses, hotel rooms and private function rooms, to strip.
These bookings are most common among Hen's nights and Birthday parties, but they can vary to divorce parties and even just a girls night out.
As compared to performing on stage for (potentially) hundreds of girls, you will be performing for groups of girls anywhere from 5 - 30. Sometimes the girls can be awkward and sometimes the girls are just wild! It's really impossible to tell and very diverse.
Being able to improvise and show confidence is essential, as the girls will be up close and personal with you, and there's literally no where to hide. If you are a little scared and seem lost with what to do after the 5min mark, the girls will see straight though you, and it will be awkward, trust me. 

If you do strip-a-gram's then you will most likely work for an agency. You will be sent work via email or txt, and be given very specific job details which will include: Address, time, type of show, date, type of party, contact number and how much cash to pick up.
You must have your own car and expect to do lot's of driving to different hotels/houses.
Work is limited to Friday's and Saturday's, it is very rare to ever get a booking outside of the weekend.
Strip-g-grams can go full nude (in hotels/houses) and the potential to make more money is massive.

Firstly shows are only 15min roughly in duration and if you plan you're evening well, you can do anywhere from 4-6 jobs in one night. And secondly the jobs are paid in cash by the client on arrival, as compared to most male revues which will pay you via invoice. 
For instance; If I do a full monty ($200 cash) and I can also add on a tequila body shot ($20) and after my show if they are keen, I can offer private lap dances ($40 for 1 song).
So in the space of about 20mins I have already made $260, and If I am smart with my schedule I can do another 4 or 5 of these in my night. Do the math. 

And finally we have Strip Club work.
This industry is a completely different ball game compared to the previous types of stripping.
Male strip club's are venues entirely dedicated to male strippers selling lap dances and making tips by performing on a small stage. They are marketed towards women (usually celebrating a bachelorette night or birthday).

These venues will charge you to work there for the night, depending on where you choose to work this can be anywhere from $30 - $100. When choosing a club to work at, make sure to investigate how busy they get, and how many stage shows spots you can do in one night.
Strip clubs are primarily only based in the USA and Canada, due to the culture of tipping allowing strippers to make money. 
Competition can be high in these venue's so make sure you have at least one amazing asset that you can sell to the clients, that will separate you from the pack. I.e amazing dance skills, huge muscles or a unique look such as long hair or body tattoos.

Our male stripper"Hayden" getting interactive with the crowd at a stage show in Gold Coast, Australia.

What costume do you have?

For stage shows, you will only need 1 costume, as you will have just the 1 routine. And most times the male revue or club will supply you with this costume and all props.
If you are doing strip-a-grams, then it's all on you buddy. You are responsible for getting your costume together and making sure you don't lose it or let a girl steal it!
The more costumes you have the better. Why? Because there is more for the client to select. If you only have the 1 outfit, then you are limiting how much work you can receive. Some girls will only want a fireman to arrive, and if you only have a cop uniform, then thats not helping you is it?

The more you can "rip off" the better. Trust me, girls go crazy when you literally rip clothes off. It's the oldest trick in the book and one of the most effective ones. If you dont have any rip off clothing then you not really a striper are you?
Pants are a must, It's very simple, visit you local tailor and ask for velcro down both outer sides of each leg. For shirts make sure they are all press stud's (no buttons, please, you will thank me later).
Finally get creative with the costumes, the more realistic the better so don't buy some cheap shit from K-mart. I personally have gotten most of my costumes from Ebay, including my real Chicago Fire Brigade uniform. Think about what women want, what's popular and what will make you stand out compared to the other strippers. 

Performer "Ace" in his Military outfit for a ladies night on a boat on the Brisbane River.

Have you organised your routine?

If you think you can just play a few song's on a playlist, do a few lap dances and leave, then expect girls to go WOW that was totally worth the $200 I'm doing this again! Then you are sadly mistaken. You won't get more work and you won't be talked about, I don't care how tall, dark and ripped you are, there is no cover for a shit performance and lack of enthusiasm.

Firstly buy a high quality portable bluetooth speaker. The LOUDER THE BETTER. You can't bring your phone to every booking and expect the client to have a nice sound system waiting for you, sorry.
Secondly choose music that you enjoy dancing to and will reflect the type of show you are doing. So for fireman think of song's like "disco inferno", "lil wayne - fireman", "Nelly - Hot in here", do you get the idea? In addition to this songs girls can sing along to always help.
Thirdly mix your music using a program like Garage Band or download a free program online, playing a whole song can get tedious and boring after a while so its best to mix the music, put in some suitable sound FX and cut and paste the best parts of these songs so they flow nicely from one track to the next. Keep it simple, nothing fancy. 

Now that you have a speaker and your music completed, Its time to figure out what the hell your gonna do.
You could just play you music, walk out, and hope for the best, however thats really not the best option to just "wing it".
I always tell everyone to have a plan. Now I'm not saying that you need to fully choreograph your routine, just have an idea of what you're going to do at certain points in your music, it will make your life a whole lot easier. Using this technique you will not get lost in your routine, and will always have something to do to keep the girls engaged and entertained. 
So for example I would memorise:
- Take my jacket off when the bass drops on the first song.
- Jump on the girl when the first song chorus starts.
- As the second songs begins take my top off.
- For the duration of the second song put whipped cream on my abs and let them lick it.
- At the end of the second song rip my pants off. etc. etc. etc.

You might want to read the article "what makes a good male stripper?" to understand the key elements of a professional entertainer. 

I hope you get the idea now, It's just a plan for your show, and it helps if you know your music like the back of your hand.
You can also improvise and play around in between your music queues.
I would recommend using this technique over fully choreographing your routine. Unlike stage show's which are controlled and organised, Hen's nights in a hotel room can get crazy, and if they are drunk they can be a real handful. If your routine is full choreographed I guarantee you things will not go to plan.

Performer "Kurt" with his unique "Italian Gangster" routine. Girls are going crazy!

How do I start getting work?

Ok, now that you have your costume, speaker, music and routine, Its time to get to work!
If you're wanting to join a male revue show, I would suggest visiting a variety of shows in your city. Email/call the boss ahead and let them know you are coming and want to join. They will most likely let you in for free, take you back stage to meet the guys and get you to watch the show. If you are really confident and ready to go they may even get you to do some little things on stage like a tequila body shot or something. From there if they like you, expect a few weeks of topless waitering work until you have leant your own routine along with the other routines, then you can step on stage. Make sure you get along with the other guys and keep your weekends free. 

If you want to get into strip-a-grams then you will need to get some professional photos taken. This is for the agencies to use on their website to promote you.
It is in your best interest to get the best, sexiest pictures possible, as this is essentially whats going to sell you to prospective clients who visit the website's. If you give an agency a few selfies it isn't going to look good and you probably won't get much work. If the only thing that can get you jobs is a picture then why wouldn't you invest in getting the best pictures possible? 
Make a profile on "Model Mayhem" and hit up local photographers in your area for a free photoshoot for each others portfolio. This is also a great way to get into modelling. 

Once you have a collection of amazing pictures email/call around to all the agency's in your local area. Get your pictures online and wait for the work to come in. New agencies may be hesitant some times to give work to guys who have never stripped before So I would recommend taking work as a topless waiter just to get your foot in the door and build trust with the agency.

Know which agencies to apply for is also important. If they charge you to put your photo's on their website STAY AWAY. If they say, "you cannot work for any other agency" STAY AWAY. If they have over 50 guys listed on their site, they are probably just using people's images to draw customers, when in reality they only have a handful of guys they give work to, STAY AWAY. 

Remember to always SHOW UP TO YOUR BOOKING. If you have confirmed for a job, and cancel last minute, this does not look good. You probably will not get work ever again depending on the circumstance. Agencies work on a system of trust, the more they trust you, the more likely they are to give you work. Remember that.

Congratulations, you are now ready to begin you new wild and exciting career as a male stripper, good luck!


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